What is Honda VCM?

  The automobile industry is developing more and more with each passing age. With the developing sector, many new designs of motors appear. Engines, which provide the necessary power for the vehicle to move, are the subject of many studies in order to get more efficiency and less fuel consumption as technology progresses. One of them is VCM (Variable Cylinder Management) or Variable Cylinder Management in Turkish. In this system, the aim is to increase the efficiency of the engine and to reduce the fuel consumption. In this system used by Honda, the driver saves approximately 10 percent of fuel. In this system, if the driver needs engine power, the engine performs at full power. Likewise, if power loss is needed, the system automatically does this. The activation and exit of the said system takes place in a very short time. Vehicles do not always have to perform at full performance while driving. This is where the management system comes into play. Thus, it determines the m